High Performance Wearable Sensors and Portable Analyzers 


Onsite/insitu Applications

East JHX, Inc. has been deeply involved in the photonics industry in terms of sales and marketing, business development,  and collaborations between end-users from various industries to world-class photonics instruments manufacturers. Our major strengths are to bring all the resources together and to help our customers in solving real-world problems.

We deliver high-performance portable mass spectrometers, photoacoustic multi-gas analyzers, UV/Vis/NIR spectrometers, optical telecom, fiber sensing equipment, Raman spectrometers, hyperspectral cameras, and many other kinds of miniaturized sensor products from world-leading manufacturers, and we provide OEM/JDM opportunities and investment resources. We also facilitate technology transfer and commercialization.

Extraordinary Investment Opportunities in a few Startups Making Next Generation Medical 

Devices and Wearable Healthcare/Fitness Products Utilizing Proprietary Non-invasive  Optical 

Diagnostic Technologies for IVD/POCT and Self-monitoring Applications with 

Enormous Market Potential.

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