SWIR VCSEL Chips & Packages, 3D Nano Structures and Advanced Optical Engineering

SWIR VCSEL Chips & Packages

• Wavelength; 850nm,940nm,1,300nm, 1,550nm

• Optical power; 3-5W (STD) Others

• 2D-VCSEL-Array

• Single or Multi Mode VCSELs

• Highest performance & lowest power consumption


3D Nano Structures, Nano-Imprinting, Advanced Optical Engineering Technology, Mass-

Volume Fabrication Technology

• Proprietary 3D Micro Optics; MLA, DOE, Beam Splitter, Homogenizer, Diffusers for ToF & LIDAR

• Powerful Advanced Optical Design Service In-House; Random-Distribution, Random-Size, Very Sharp Output Ray Edge

• Master Wafer (6”, 8”, 12”) & Nanoimprinting WLO or Chip (Max; 22KK/mon) with 3D nano structures

• 3D Depth Sensing/Imaging Solution Provider:

     -ToF Diffuser Package

     -Structured Light System (Module)

     -Stereoscopic Imaging Package

• 3D Holographic Optical Element solution provider with big sized glass and polymer panels

• Dry Adhesive Devices with high aspect ratio

 • Individual fabrication services (Mold, Ni-Shim & Stamp supply)

• Prototype and high volume Micro Optics products by OEM/ODM

LinkSquare® is a smart spectrometer that shines bright 

light on to an object to determine its spectral fingerprint 

for material identification. As the world’s first portable, 

affordable, and accessible spectrometer, LinkSquare will 

bring the power of infrared spectroscopy to everyday use.



Overlayed MLA

MicroLED for AR/VR




Defense/Homeland Security

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