The World’s First Cloud AI Handheld Raman Spectrometer & Rapid Hair Drug Testing

XI2  Handheld Raman is a cloud AI MEMs Raman device specifically designed for area sampling. 

The Lissajous scanning is achieved with two scanning waveforms: (X: 36 Hz, Y: 180 Hz). 

XI2 maintains the full functionality of cloud AI XI Raman with a dual operating domain for both smart phone and Raman spectrometer. And it features the cloud data platform for instant updates and data sharing, and the unique deep learning algorithm for faster and more accurate data analysis. 

CloudMinds XI4 Trace Detection for Drugs in hair, or Residues with Ultra Sensitivity

XI4 is based upon fluorescence immunochromatography for sampling trace drugs in hair or surface powder residues.  The detection limit can be down to 1ng/ml (fentanyl).  The device reads fluorescent immunochromatography reagent cards within seconds, and the total measurement time is less than 5 mines including sample preparation time.   The device can automatically detect the reagent card, display and report the results instantly.   Integrated with Cloud-Minds A1 android smart phone, XI4 can be connected to the cloud via Wi-Fi, 4G or blue tooth. 





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